"The Psychology of Human Values" by Gregory Maio

There is a great new book on the market about basic values. For academics, it’s a new point of reference after a long time (for me it was Hitlin & Piliavin, 2004). It’s also great for newbies and anyone who’s just developed their interest in basic values. It sorts things out about what values are, what they depend on, what they can influence, whether they change, or can be manipulated. Gregory Maio did a great job in summarising much of the recent studies.
The Problem of Human Values.
Section 1: Beginnings in the Empirical Study of Human Values
1. A brief history of values
2. Types of values.
Section 2: Values in Psychology
3. Connections to motives, traits, and habits
4. Connections to ideology and attitudes
5. Components of values.
Section 3: Forces that Shape Values
6. Personal influences on Values
7. Social influences on Values.
Section 4: When and how values matter
8. Effects on prejudice and well-being
9. When values matter
10. How values matter.

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