Schwartz circle in ggplot2

Since 2008 I draw Schwartz value theory in a form of circle unaccountable number of times, and there were very different versions, with more or fewer circles inside, in different languages and with different emphases. I used PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Paint, even Photoshop once. Here is not the optimal but quite universal and customizable solution.
UPD. Now it’s a function schwartz_circle() in my R package LittleHelpers.

Using three functions I can create any version of the value circle and customize it for my purposes. The functions add step-by-step to the ggplot2 code just like the usual geoms.

  • add_circle() – one argument is r, a radius. All the others are optional, passed to geom_path.
  • add_radius() – two arguments angles.r1 is a vector of angles , r1 is a length of line, r0 is where the line begins, 0 by default. All the others are passed to geom_segment.
  • add_label()​ – r is radius, angle.r – vector of angles to which labels are located, label – vector of character labels, pos – position between center of circle and circle, by default is 1/2, which is middle. All others are optional and passed to geom_text; important is angle which accepts vectors and rotates the labels.
# Value labels (easy to translate or abbreviate)
v9 <- c("Security",
        "Power" )
v4 <- c("Self-Transcendence",
        "Openness to Change",
v2_1 <- c("Person Focus", "Social Focus")
v2_2 <- c("Growth", "Self-Protection")
# Plotting
## Initial circle with radius 1
ggplot(data.frame(x = cos(seq(0,2*pi,length.out=100)),
                  y = sin(seq(0,2*pi,length.out=100))), aes(x,y))+coord_equal()+
  geom_path( col="black", linetype="solid")+
## Split circle into 8 sectors
  add_radius(seq(0, 360, 360/9)[c(1:4,7:9)], 1)+
## Label these 8 sectors
  add_label(r=1, angle.r=seq(1+20, 360-20, 319/8)[c(8,9,1:7)],
            angle=seq(1+20, 360-20, 319/8)[c(8,9,1:7)]  %>% sapply( function(x) if(x > 90 & x < 270) x+180 else x  )      )+
## Hedonism dashed radiuses
  add_radius(seq(0, 360, 360/9)[5:6], r1=1, linetype="dashed")+
## Add another circle for higher order values OP-CO-SE-ST
  add_circle(r=1.3, linetype="solid", size=0.7, alpha=0.9)+
  add_radius(seq(0, 360, 360/9)[c(1,3, 8)], r0=1, r1=1.3)+add_radius(180, r0=1, r1=1.3, linetype="solid")+
  add_label(r=1.3, angle.r=seq(0+40, 360, 360/4),
            angle=c(-45, 40, -45, 40),
            pos=0.85, fontface="bold", size = 5)+
## Yet another circles
  # Social-Person Focus
  add_circle(r=1.5, linetype="solid", size=1.5, alpha=0.7)+
  add_radius(seq(0, 360, 360/9)[c(3, 8)], r0=0, r1=1.5, size=1.5, alpha=0.7)+
  add_label(r=1.5, angle.r=c(0, 180), v2_1, angle=c(90, 90), pos=0.93, fontface="bold.italic", size = 5)+
  # Growth-Protection
  add_circle(r=1.7, linetype="solid", size=3, alpha=0.4)+
  add_radius(c(0, 220), r0=0, r1=1.7, size=2, alpha=0.4)+
  add_label(r=1.7, angle.r=c(90-10, 270), v2_2, angle=c(-8,0),
            pos=0.93, fontface="bold", size = 6, color="grey30")+